From the Desk of Mark Sandoval:

Dear Fellow Marketer,

You know it better than anyone…

There’s nothing more frustrating than working with amateur copywriters who cut and paste from other marketer’s campaigns while learning copywriting on your dime. 

Because your industry understands the value of copywriting, every self-proclaimed copywriter with a laptop wants to work in it — but have they put their noses to the grindstone to deliver real results? NO.

One of the top five complaints I hear from my clients is copywriters deliver over-the-top, wildly hypey copy that can’t legally be used, so rewrite after rewrite is required.

Then a grueling butcher-job takes place, the copywriter is demotivated while no longer committing his best efforts, and you — the client — is poorly served.

FINALLY … a copywriter who not only understands direct response, but who is customer focused, and who will make YOU and YOUR PROJECT his top priority…


My name is Mark Sandoval and
I’m a professionally trained direct response copywriter.


My words makes my clients accidentally buy their own products

My sales letters generate an average 361% increase in conversions

My average email open rate is 28%

My average email open rate is 28% across a variety of mediums

My words makes my clients accidentally buy their own products

My words make my clients accidentally buy their own products

Here’s why you can count on me to deliver vibrant, persuasive, seamless, response-producing copy that is both factually accurate and legally compliant; so it’s something you can actually use right out of the box:

  • Professionally trained by the #1 copywriting institution in the US — AWAI

    Professionally trained by the #1 copywriting institution in the US — AWAI

  • Graduate of the famed Dan Kennedy Copywriting Academy

    Graduate of the famed Dan Kennedy Copywriting Academy

  • 12 years as a professional writer and entrepreneur

    12 years as a professional writer and entrepreneur

  • Member of the Professional Writer's Alliance

    Member of the Professional Writer's Alliance

  • Average increase in conversions of 361% across all mediums

    Average increase in conversions of 361% across all mediums

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz

    Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz

  • $1.3 Million yearly revenue for my most successful business

    $1.3 Million yearly revenue for my most successful business

  • Member of MechLabs Institute — an IM think tank

    Member of MechLabs Institute — an IM think tank

  • Consultant to Tier-1 marketers and entrepreneurs

    Consultant to Tier-1 marketers and entrepreneurs

But Don’t Just Take My Word for it…

Read What Others Have to Say About What I Did For Their Businesses:

“I got mark to do a clickbank campaign and he killed it. My goal was to generate 6 figures in as many weeks and with marks copy I beat that goal by 9 days. Once I noticed the copy was converting at 11% I dumped all kinds of money into adwords and it just went up and up. So far I’ve generated $211,432 in revenue with it being poured back in to my business. But I know I have a winner on my hands so ill keep ramping. Don’t use Mark for copywriting. He’s mine.”
Fred Musquin, 29
- Affiliate Marketer - Dallas, TX

Here are more of my recent successes!

Delivering Results On EVERY Project

Mark is the real thing. He’s a direct response pro in an industry of fakes. We've hired him to do sales letters, direct mail, landing pages, and email follow ups. His content always converts, usually higher than other copywriters we work with. Get Mark on your team and you’re guaranteed to see an increase in profits.”
Bob Bass, 62
Bob Bass, 62
Founder Walter Writing Alliance, New York, NY
…he wrote us a sales letter that made us $4,157 on the first day (including the email and squeeze page he wrote for it). After that, our traffic trickled, but it was still converting at over 9%. Our previous sales page was converting at .5% so you can imagine how pleased we were on the big up. Will definitely hire him again.”
Darian Scott, 28
Darian Scott, 28
Flipper of Mountain Bikes, Denver, Co.
"We hired on Mark for consulting and copywriting. We loved the ideas and marketing angles he came up with; all of which both myself and my core staff couldn’t come up with on our own. We have seen the increase in sales and we love the new look and feel of our website. I highly recommend Mark as your tier 1 copywriter."
Ross Kortgarden, 29
Ross Kortgarden, 29
JTAC Milsim Productions, Littleton, Co.


Here’s What You Get with Me on Your Team:

  • A Proven System: You and I won’t just throw spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks. When you work with me you get a proven framework that has been validated time and time again.
  • An Average Tripling of Profits: That’s my average for people who are already winning. If you’re struggling, we can blow that stat out of the water.
  • 7 Headlines to Choose From: The headline is so important you’ll have 7 extra arrows in your quiver.
  • 2 Leads for Testing: 80% of the sale is done in the headline & lead. So this is like getting 2 completely fresh pieces of copy. Who else offers that?
  • Done for You: I’ll do everything. So sit back and relax. I’ve got this.
  • Copywriter AND Consultant: When you work with me you get to plunder my treasure trove of Internet marketing experience.
  • Access to Jealously Guarded Copywriting Secrets: When I hit a certain level in copywriting I finally got to peek behind the curtain. That means your sales letter will contain all the million dollar secrets of the elite.
  • I Rub Elbows with Some of the Best: From Dmitriy Pisarev to Michael Francis, my connection to “the inner circle” means I’ll brainstorm with other experts as I map out your copy.
  • Experienced Across a Wide Variety of Platforms: Whether it’s Clickbank, Lead Funnels, Amazon, landing pages, or your own website, I’ll tailor your copy to excite the deepest desires of your target audience.
  • Rapid Reply Times: You know how you stick your hand in front of a pissed off cat to see how fast he is? I dare you to write me!
  • Unparalleled Customer Service: I’m not here to fleece you — I’m here to build a professional relationship. When we work together, you can feel good knowing you’re getting the best service you’ve ever received from a copywriter.
  • The Wisest Business Investment: Studies prove time and again that investing in a professionally trained copywriter is the best way to get your profits rolling.
  • I’m your favorite writer’s favorite writer: This is no place to be humble, so I’ll just say it — I’M A DAMN GOOD WRITER. I’ll give you the best copy you’ve ever seen. Period.

I Can Make Your Content Convert:

  • Even if you still haven’t had one sale.
  • Even if your current copy converts at <1%.
  • Even if you have an old website from the nineteen hundreds.

My Services

I Focus on One Thing, and One Thing Only…Sales Copy:

Sales Pages: The most important piece of your entire business.

Landing Pages: Build your email list with simple, streamlined landing pages and irresistible lead magnets.

Emails: My average open rate is 28%. It’s all about tantalizing subject lines and engaging content they can’t help but click on.

Video Sales Letters: One of the most effective ways to get people to see your entire sales message.

Ghostwriting: Savvy marketers don’t publish books to sell books — very few people make money doing that — they publish books for POSITIONING. When I write your book it’ll do what it’s meant to do … bring you more business.

Consulting: The sales page is just one part of a dynamic process. When we partner up I help you string together a series of “micro-yeses” until the BIG YES … the sale.


This dude is BADASS. I actually have customers writing me and asking me who wrote my website. Some people just got it. And Mark definitely has it.

-Jason Stapleton, 26, Affiliate Marketer, Olympia, WA.


His last letter became the control at a 10% conversion to lukewarm leads. The previous letter was consistent at 8%. Doesn’t sound like much, but 2% rolling over months with a $100,000 monthly ad spend is no joke. Good writers cost money. But so do bad writers. In the end the good ones make you a hell of a lot more.”

-Brian Thomas, 33, CTA Tech Labs, Taos, NM.


“Just wanted to write in and say thank you. I appreciate how you stayed up late to finish the letter (even though it was my fault!). We launched this morning and we already have $9,816 in sales. That is more than we made last month altogether. We’ll do the split test starting next week like you outlined. Sign me up for the Mark Sandoval fan club ha ha! Thanks again!”

-Marian Cedar, 63, DAX Publishing Ltd., Glendale, Az.


I was very happy with what Mark wrote for my page. I believe in my product but I don’t have any nose for sales (bad combination right?). I was just like: “Do it for me.” And he did. My product is selling from youtube videos I’m doing but I need more traffic maybe Mark can write me some articles.”

-Jose Espejo, 33, Inventor, Oahu, Hi.  


“Mark is one of those brilliant minds that you don’t come across very often. He sees the puzzle complete before it’s started, and he knows exactly what pieces go where without any guess work.”

-Nick Rosecrans, 36, Franchise Consultant, Long Beach, Ca.


Random Question: Would you hire a
plumber to fix your car?”

Probably not.

So why would you hire an article writer to write your sales copy?

Unless you’re a writer you probably don’t know the difference, but copywriting requires a VERY structured approach.

It must cover 15 essential elements in the right order … otherwise it will fail.

If you’re currently researching a few different copywriters, here’s my best advice:

Unless their sales letters are easy to read…

Unless their words flow without any effort on your part…

And unless you can feel — without any doubt — that you want to hire them…

Then move on to the next guy.

Even if that guy isn’t me…Your business is too valuable for copy that doesn’t feel right.


If, on the other hand, your inner voice is saying: “Yes, I want Mark on My Team!”

Then Here’s What You do…


Click on the link below and tell me a little about your business.

I’ll run initial diagnostics and get back to you with my thoughts.

We’ll see if we’re a good fit — and if we are — I’ll write a letter that’ll make payment notifications the background music to your life story.

But before you do that, there’s something you need to know…

I won’t work with just anyone.


Because I have to feel passionate about your product or service. Otherwise, I’ll write ineffective copy for it.

And, not to toot my own horn, but I’m in high demand. I’m in the lucky position where I can choose who I want to work with.

With all that being said … If you’ve read this far then that tells me you’re serious about your business, and I’d like to meet you.

So hit the button below to be taken to my quick survey.

I’ll review your website and get back to you ASAP.

Sound good?


BUT WAIT — I’m not done yet…

Every client who works with me gets my no B.S., Ironclad Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • If you’re not absolutely thrilled with your copy…
  • If you don’t read it and accidentally buy your own product…
  • If your associates don’t pat you on the back for a job well done…

Then I’ll write it over again.

No worries. No Hassle.


So Let’s Review What You Get
by Reaching out to me Now:

  • A professionally written sales letter by the copywriter’s copywriter
  • Revisions until we achieve our agreed-upon goal at each milestone
  • My Ironclad Satisfaction Guarantee


Remember, I’m the Only Copywriter Who…

  • Has been professionally trained by the leading copywriting institutions
  • Has built 8 businesses, 1 of which produces $1,300,000+ revenue per year
  • Is trusted to consult successful Internet Marketers to springboard their success
  • Has a proven track record for writing killer sales copy that converts like crazy

So what are you waiting for?

My schedule fills up QUICK … so reach out to me now!

Hi, are you still here?

Well, maybe that’s because you’re still on the fence about my service.

If that’s the case, let’s review your options, shall we?

As you stand now, you could:

  • Go with a lesser copywriter and expose your business to their amateur copy. Waste money on junk that will make you look bad and keep your website stuck in its rut.
  • Try to do it on your own. Write ineffective (though passionate) copy that probably won’t get the results you’re looking for.
  • Hire me to do it for you. Watch your investment multiply, and laugh knowing you made the smartest choice for your business.

Can you think of any reason not to contact me?

Then don’t wait one instant longer.

Contact me RIGHT NOW.

Wishing you and your business the very best of success,

Mark the Copywriter

P.S. It’s a stress-filled, competitive, draining, busy, demanding, hectic, energy-sapping battle each and every day…but it doesn’t have to be. The greats — the most successful entrepreneurs — they have a secret. THEY HIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLE. When you get the right people on your team, your journey to the top glides on rails. “The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” – Steve Jobs


  • What’s your pricing?

Any copywriter that hands you a pizza menu of prices isn’t considering the unique needs of your project. That’s like a doctor glancing at you in the waiting room and proclaiming: “This is exactly what you need to get healthy again!” It’s just not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. As such, I only quote prices once I’ve reviewed your website and current marketing strategy. Just fill out the short survey HERE, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

  • Are you expensive?

I might charge more than other “copywriters,” but as the old adage goes — you get what you pay for. Besides, if you make 300 times your investment, does it really matter what it took to get you there? Would you pay a little extra for a machine that prints money? I know I would.

  • What do you mean, you’re also a consultant?

Having built a strong reputation I’m sought out by other entrepreneurs for consultation. Just like I use a mentor, I have clients that use my knowledge to accelerate their own journey to success.

  • Do you provide samples?

ABSOLUTELY! Just CLICK HERE to view my portfolio.

  • How long does it take?

Usually about 2-4 weeks. But that can vary depending on the scope of your project.

  • What’s the process?

Here’s what you can expect when you’re my client:

Step 1. Initial Contact and Meeting.
When you first contact me you’ll take a short survey about your goals. We’ll have a consulting call, and then I’ll draft a proposal that you’ll have in your hands in no less than 48 hours. There, I’ll outline the scope of the project, timelines, and payment terms.

Step 2. Collaboration.
Here I give you my undivided attention as we hammer out the best approach to the campaign. We’ll decide time frames and due dates, and we’ll both know exactly what to expect from the project and when.

Step 3. Research. This is the most important phase. I’ll get to know your product as if it were my own. I’ll find the core desire of your target audience, map out the offer, find the premiums, forge the guarantee, and get your approval on our project road map.

Step 4. Flow Proposal, First Draft, and Review.
I’ll keep you updated through every phase of the writing process and hand you a finished draft that follows our agreed-upon approach. We’ll review it together — add to the text … tweak it … play with it … until it becomes embodied in a language that feels genuine to us.

Step 5. Launch and Testing.
Once we have a draft you’re proud to put your name on, we’ll let our ship set sail. We’ll test a few variations of headlines and leads until we have a combination that converts to satisfaction.


AWAI Verified